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The State Archival Service of Ukraine warns of risk of harm to the documents
of the National Archival Fond!

According to the information of employees of State Archives of Luhansk region on August 14, 2014 the Archival building held by militants of so-called The People's Republic of Luhansk.
During the capture archival repositories were hacked, and offices were damaged. After 4 days gunmen left from the archival building, but warned that they're going to come back and blow it up.

Over 1,5 million documents of the National Archival Fond, that have cultural and social value, are under threat of loss.
We warn that any damage or robbery of public archives leads to incorrigible loss of archival documents, and as a result the citizens of Ukraine will be deprived of the constitutional rights, including the right to adequate pensions.

The state is doing everything that is possible to ensure the preservation of priceless documentary heritage of the region.
But it should be noted that the State Archival Service and law enforcement agencies cannot fully guarantee the safety of archival documents stored in areas temporarily controlled by militants of the so-called People's Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

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