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State Archives of Chernihiv Oblast

Address: 2, Мstyslavs’ka Str.,
Chernihiv, Ukraine, 14000 (building 1)
52, Pytnits’ka Str., Chernihiv, 14000 (building 2)
Tel.: +380(462) (0-462) 645-965, 645-980, 645-966 (building 1)
+380(462) 675-386 (building 2)
Tel./ Fax: +380(462) 645-980 (building 1), 675-380 (building 2)

Director: Vorobei Raisa

Deputy Director: Lobanova Nataliia

Historical Background

Chernihiv Province Historical Archives (1923–1925)

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings

The oldest (XVII - XVIII centuries) records are located in the Fond of Chernihiv Province Noble Deputy Assembly.Among them there are legal codes by hetmans, records with the stamps of Chernihiv Regimental Office, and Regiment of Malorossia troops.

The Fond of Nezhyn Greek Magistrate (1723 - 1870) contains the data on Greeks, their privileges in the area of self-government, court and trade; the culture and life, trade relations with Turkey, Italy, and other countries.

The Fonds of the Chancery of the Chernihiv Civil Governor, Chernihiv Province Administration, Province offices of Rural, Municipal, Zemstvo and Municipal Affairs contain data on creation of Chernihiv and Poltava Provinces, participation of Chernihiv irregulars in Patriotic War of 1812, preparation and performance of the rural reform in 1861, economical and political state of the towns and villages of Chernihiv Oblast, collection of fonds for monuments to G. Derzhavin, Ermak, M. Karamzin, I. Krylov, I. Susanin; the records with autographs of M. Kutuzov, M. Barklay-de-Tolli, M. Hlinka, T. Shevchenko, L. Hlibov, and B. Hrinchenko.

The economical state of the province is reflected as well in the Fonds of Chernihiv Province Statistical Committee, Departments of Revenue, Treasuries, Banks, province construction and road commissions, individual enterprises - including the construction of water pipeline in Chernihiv town, high roads, and bridges.

State and accomplishment of the settlements in province are reflected in the records contained in the Fonds of Chernihiv Province Noble Deputy Assembly, municipal magistrates, town and village councils, and municipal dumas and administrations.

The records contained in the Foned of Chernihiv local management of Red Cross hold the data on Chernihiv citizens who participated in the national liberation struggle of Balkan people against Ottoman yoke in 1877-1878.

Fonds of health protection establishments possess the information on the state of hospitals and medical services provided to the population.

The records of Fonds of Superintendent of Chernihiv Province Public Schoools, colleges, gymnasia contain the information on the state of the people education and culture, unveiling of boarding houses, and Jewish colleges.

The history of revolution movement is reflected in the Fonds of administrative and police establishments, and courts.

The records of Ukrainian revolution (1917 - 1920) - the Fonds of Chernihiv Province Commissar of the Central Rada and Province Senior Man of Ukrainian State contain the data on organization of militia in gubernia, provision of the population and military troops with the food, of the conduction elections to the town councils, and lists of officers of councils and state security troops.

The Fonds of the Soviet period, including province, district, volost revolution committees; village committees of the poor; province, district, oblast, volost, municipal executive committees; commissions of poor villagers; control commissions and worker-peasant inspections, courts, land boards, regional management of light industry, organizations of transport and communication, municipal economy, supply and trade, financial authorities, cooperative organizations, planning and statistical agencies - highlight the history of Soviet power and socialist building Chernihiv oblast.

The State Archives preserves the records of the Communist Party and Komsomol authorities with information on implementation of the decrees of the higher authorities, social and political situation in the oblast, personal records of Soviet, political and public figures, war and labor heroes.

The Fonds of the province and oblast military committees reconstruct the state of the Red Army troops located within the territory of Chernihiv oblast.

The documents of Chernihiv Oblast Commission studying the crimes committed by Nazi occupants, collections “Chernihiv Oblast during the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945” and “Chernihiv Oblast Commission on the History of Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945” expose the participation of Chernihiv citizens in World War II.Also, the filtration records for the citizens forcedly taken to Germany during the occupation of the oblast in 1941 - 1943 are preserved.

The Fonds of the post-war period contains the information on the economical features of the region and districts after the liberation from the temporary occupation, data on the restoration and further development of the national economy of the oblast.

Also, the Archives keeps the Fonds of the people’s education agencies and establishments (Chernihiv State Teachers Training Institute named after T. Shevchenko, subsidiary of Kiev Polytechnic Institute), cultural and education establishments (Chernihiv Musical Drama Theater named after T. Shevchenko, Regional Philarmony, and museums).

The development of medicine in Chernihiv Oblast is represented by the materials in the Fonds of province, district inspections, oblast, district departments of health protection.

The Archives presents fonds of personal nature and collections of the records.The most interest is shown for the fonds of O. Butovich, Chernihiv civil governor; D. Mordovtsev, writer, historian; I. Shrag, lawyer and public figure; V. Rezanov and I. Turtsevich, professors of Nizhyn Institute of People’s Education.

The Archives preserves the records on film basis.Among the movie records there are movie about demonstrations of Chernihiv workers dedicated to the 40th anniversary of October Revolution, 1st of May, about rationalizers of Chernihiv oblast.

The photo-records reconstruct the events in Chernihiv oblast during the period of the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945: activity of the partisan troops and unions, underground organizations; damages caused by Nazi occupants to the national economy and population of the oblast; main events of the national economy restoration

Audio-records preserved in the Oblast State Archives reflect the public and political life in the oblast, celebration of the remarkable dates.

Scientific and Reference Apparatus



Data Bases

The Scientific and Reference Library

The literature in philosophy and history is stored in the Archives, in particular individual volumes of complete collection of Russian chronicles, collections of works by known domestic and foreign historians M. Hrushevs’kyi, A. Efimenko, V.Vinnichenko, S. Soloviov, V. Kliuchevs’kyi, M. Pokrovs’kyi and E. Tarle. There are collections of laws and decrees of the Ukrainian and Russian Governments in the Archives; Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire; Code of Laws of the Russian Empire; reference literature on the history of the oblast including works of O. Shafons’kyi, M. Domontovich and O. Rusov.

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