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State Archives of Zhytomyr Oblast

Address: 2/20 Ohrimova Hora Str. ( building 1)
3 Samkova Str. (building 2)
Zhytomyr, 10003
Tel./Fax: 380(412) 42-48-00, 42-60-61

Director: Mihailov Anton

Deputy Director: Myronenko Larysa

Deputy Director: Shymchenko Natalia

Historical Background

Volyn Province Archival Commission under Public Education Department subordination was organized in 1920.

In 1922 Archival Commission was liquidated and instead of it Volyn Archival Province Department under Province Executive committee subordination was organized.

In 1925 due to three-stage management Volyn Archival Province Department was reorgenized into the District Archival Department and in 1932 – into Zhytomyr State Historical Archives.

After Zhytomyr oblast forming, the archives received status as oblast archives in 1938(was subordinated to the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs)andin 1941 it was renamed into State Archives ofZhytomyr Oblast.

In 1958-1980 the archives was named as Zhytomyr Oblast State Archives and it was subordinated to the Executive Committee of Oblast Soviet (1960). Since 1980 it named as State Archives of Zhytomyr Oblast ( Region).

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings

Documents (1795-2011) are preserved in the archives.

In some special collections there are records more than 600 units dated back to the end of the XVI to the beginning of the XVIII centuries.

They include the noble privilege (1603) given to Ovruch grandees Nevmerzhytskyis by the Lithuanian Grand Duke Sigizmund, the files about the nobility of Vygovskyi and Teterya families, then files with autographs of the Polish kings starting from Sigizmund the First up to Stanislav-August, the patents given and signed by the famous figure of the Polish national liberation struggle Tadeush Kostiushko dated back to 1794, the deeds and inventories of estates of the XVIII century etc.

The pre-Soviet archival documents are contained in the documents of administrative governmental bodies and state establishments of Volyn province from the end of the XVIII to the beginning of the XX century, judicial bodies, establishments of the Ministry of State property and those of land-tenure regulations system.

The materials of Volyn financial and taxes establishments are preserved in the special collection of the revenue department, tax inspectors, regional and provincial treasures, excise department, Zhytomyr departments of the State Bank and those of commercial banks, Volyn department of rural land bank.

The records concerning the history of the public education development are in the following special collections: Superintendent of Volyn province public schools, grammar schools, colleges, teachers’ seminaries, jewish college and jewish teachers’ institute, province jewish school commission, commercial and land-surveyors' college, the school doctor’s assistant, municipal and high primary colleges, Volyn eparchial council etc. Documents of the pre-Soviet social institutions and organizations are preserved in the fonds of Volyn local Russian Red Cross society, Zhytomyr All-Russian committee of towns and the so-called ''zemstva'', Volyn hop society and insurance.

The history of the clerical confessions in Volyn is reflected in the special collections of Volyn Orthodox, Lutsk-Zhytomyr Catholic and Bilorus-Lithuanian Union «Uniya» consistories, chancery of eparchial bishops and catholic cathedral capituls, separate churches, cathedrals, monasteries, jewish religious societies. The special collection of the General monasteries and cathedrals visiting of Lutsk-Zhytomyr eparchia contains visit descriptions of the catholic bodies from the end of the XVIII century to the beginning of the XIX century. More than 400 of the personal documentationof the Right-bank Ukraine's Uniat clergy (1748-1795) has been revealed.

The period of the Ukrainian national liberation struggle of 1917-1920 is reflected in the special collection of Volyn province commissar, Zhytomyr municipal executive committee council of social organizations, Volyn province land committee, district commission for elections to constituent assembly, province Principal, state security guards, Zhytomyr district temporary land liquidation commission.

The documents of the Soviet period are represented by the special collections of local government bodies, prosecuting, judicial and military establishments. Besides, the special collections of establishments and enterprises of industry, agriculture and forestry are also preserved.

The development of public education and culture is reflected in the special collections of Volyn province, district, municipal, regional departments and inspectorates of the public education, secondary and high institutions, professional training establishments, archives, museums, Philharmonic Societies, theatres.

The materials concerning medicine and health protection, social security of inhabitants are contained in the special collections of province and district inspectorates, oblast department of health protection, hospitals, military hospitals and other medical establishments.

The documents of the Nazi occupation period of Ukraine (1941-1945) has been declassified: Zhytomyr General commissariat, hybescommissariats, municipal district and rural bodies, Zhytomyr criminal investigation department and police of order, Central bureau of “folksdeutch” registration. The materials of the census conducted by the Nazi occupation boards in September 1941.

As to the special collection of the personal origin, the most interesting are documents about famous public figures and Maesenas-baron de-Shoduar’s family, governor O.P. Kutaysov, historian, regional ethnographer, archivist P.N. Abramovych, Ukrainian well-known botanist and traveler, president of VUAN V.I. Lypskyi.

The special collection of the executive committees of oblast, municipal, district, settlement and village Soviets of People’s Deputies, collective and state farms, agricultural cooperatives, Zhytomyr oblast commission for calculation of losses caused by fascist occupants during the period of Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, repatriation department of the oblast executive committee, Department of Security Service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr oblast (archival units of issue of the citizens subjected to the repressions, filtration records for the citizens forcedly taken to Germany for labour during Great Patriotic War), oblast, municipal and district committees of CPU, especially in which documents about starvation in Ukraine in 1932-1933 are represented and used for reference to defend rights and satisfysocial requirements of citizens, including the documents of Komsomol authorities, oblast, municipal, district establishments, organizations, enterprises of industry and agriculture.

The most interest is shown for the parts: «Building, architecture», «Towns and populated areas», which contain reproductions and original photos of the towns such as Zhytomyr, Berdychiv, Novograd-Volynskyi, separate buildings and architecture monuments, series of drawings by the painter Sestro de-Lautoriken on which Zhytomyr of 1880s is portrayed. As to the photo documents of the Soviet period the unique photos of Zhytomyr and other oblast towns of 1920-1930s and post-war rebuilding of 1950-1960s are preserved in the archives.

Recollections about famous scientist and designer S.P. Korolyov by his mother M.M.Balanina-Korolyova and by the space pilot O.Leonov when the monument to Korolyov was being unveiled (1972), records of «Korolyov readings» in Zhytomyr State Space Museum (1977), the greeting to Zhytomyr residents on the occasion of Cosmonautics Day from the «Soyuz II T» spaceship crew(1984) are unique.

The collection of film and video documents is presented by amateur films dedicated to anniversaries, ecologic problems, events of culture and art life of the oblast. Among them are films: «Prometheu’s daughter», on the celebration of 100th anniversary of L.Ukrainka's birthday (1971), «Unveiling of the monument to S.P. Korolyov in Zhytomyr» (1972), «Celebration of the 1100th anniversary of Zhytomyr» (1994), «Festive handing of Tora to Zhytomyr jewish religious society» (2004), «Celebration of the 14th anniversary of Ukraine's Independence in Zhytomyr» (2005).

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